What the Kids Say...


“Dear Mr. Rich,

pic2Thank you very much for taking time out of your career to come to our school and give us such a wonderful opportunity to drum with you. You taught me so much in the time that we had with you. Like the three most important things in life,... Tempo, Respect and Control. In life, without respect for yourself, the things around you and for other people, you won’t go anywhere. In life, tempo is so important because when you are going crazy fast it is really hard for people to catch up with you and you miss a lot of the small important things. Control might just be the most important thing in life because if you don’t have control of your life then respect and tempo mean almost nothing! If you can’t control yourself or the tempo of your life then it is impossible to respect yourself or others. Since I worked with you, I have been doing my best to try and be nicer and more in control. So, thank you very much, Mr. Rich for a great experience.”

- Braxton


“Dear Mr. Rich,

You taught me that respect in life will get me where I want to be in life. If we don’t have respect for people, we won’t be able to achieve our goals even if we are very talented in what we do. If the tempo of our lives is too fast, life will be so much harder. If the tempo of our lives is too slow, not much will happen. We have to have balance in our lives. Choices that we make will affect us, whether they are positive or negative.

Before I was in your class, I was really intimidated by being in front of people in my school. Youth Beatz helped me overcome that fear and when I got up to perform, I didn’t even notice that there were that many people watching me. Thank you so much, Mr. Rich!”

- Tyler


“Dear Mr. Rich,

Thank you for coming and teaching us about life, respect, and how to drum. It was cool how you taught us about life tempo and if we play too fast and out of control then we should slow it down, be in control and sound good. Also, we learned how the choices we make now will affect us in the future. If we drop out of school now and don’t graduate, then we won’t be able to go to college and we won’t have such a good future.

It was also cool how we showed respect by holding our drum sticks in an X to show that we are extremely respectful. It was nice drumming instead of being in a class feeling bored. Thanks again for coming and teaching is about choices, respect, and drumming.

Rock On!”
- Chase


“Dear Mr. Rich,

Thank you for coming to our school and teaching us how to drum! My favorite part of the whole experience was the freestyles. That was a good way for us to be creative. At the assembly I didn’t really know what I was going to do because I was so nervous that I forgot my freestyle, but you taught us to trust ourselves and just go with it. Thanks for having our backs and telling us we were going to do great.

RESPECT - Self Respect - Control - and Tempo, they were a great part of this whole thing. I learned to respect others a lot better than I did. And the ball of respect, as you call it is a good way to think about how we treat others. What respect means to me is basically treating others kindly and treating others the way you want them to treat you.

Thank you for telling us and teaching us about how what we do now will affect us later in the long run. And, helping us understand that if we have no respect for others then we won’t get very far even if we are really talented. We were all scared to go up in front of the whole school and you said we were going to do great. We did, and I thank you most for that!”

- Abigail



“Dear Mr. Rich,

“When it was first suggested that I join Youth Beatz I was skeptical. I’d had more than enough experience with “innovative speakers” and had no desire to waste a Tuesday afternoon with yet another ridiculously peppy instructor who was going to patronize me with some insincere lecture about school spirit and self- esteem. I’ve never been so happy to be wrong

What I found at Youth Beatz was a good time; hanging out with my friends, and learning to carry a beat in a (literal!) bucket. The program soon become what my weeks were all about.

Our instructor, Mr. Rich, is everything a teacher should be, but few ever actually are. He never used terms like, “strive for success” or other propagandic B.S. and I respected him for that.

He related to us kids, because he’s really more of a kid himself. He used terms we understood and related to, and eventually adopted as our own. “Keep the Beat” and “Slow the Tempo” are a lot more fun to say and do than “Strive to become a successful, life-long learner.”

Youth Beatz taught me respect, and earned mine. It taught me that “success” is not just some dogmatic school term that makes me want to gag! It’s about how much you can learn when you’re not in the classroom. And it’s not just about keeping a steady beat, it’s about not being afraid to march (or play) to your own.”



“Dear Mr. Rich,

Thank you for taking time out of your busy days to come to do Rhythm and Fitness with our class. My favorite part was getting up on stage and performing in front of the whole school. Thank you for teaching us about respect by sharing your past experiences with us. You helped us understand that we need to respect everyone if we want to get respect back. You also taught us that we have to work hard towards our life goals. Telling us about tempo and showing us what happened when things get out of control and how to slow down and regain control was very cool.  Also, teaching us about how what we do now does matter and can come back and bite us was important. You also encouraged us to take safe risks and make good choices. Thank you!”

- David

The Youth Beatz Mission

  • Safe, Positive, Productive Enrichment

  • Inspire through Positive Mentoring

  • Build Self-Respect & Respect for Others

  • Build Self-Confidence, Self-Control and Teamwork Skills

  • Engage in Creative Expression

  • Participate in Rhythmic Aerobic Workouts

  • Improve Focus & Effort in Academics

  • Social Inclusion through Participation & Performance

  • Develop Positive Community Members

  • Burn Off Extra Energy

  • Have FUN!!!

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