Educator Testimonials

“An educator is not one who lectures and give examinations. An educator lights up dark places.”
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“Mr. Rich has brought his passion for drumming and all of the care, kindness and respect that come with his program to the students of Kearsarge Regional High School.  Mr. Rich fostered our Unified Program by highlighting the talents of all, and I was repeatedly impressed by his ability to dynamically incorporate the unique personality and learning style of each participant into our sessions.   Mr. Rich's ability to find and highlight the strengths in everyone was equal to his talents as a drummer, which is no small accomplishment. I have come to the conclusion that the art of drumming, and the art of celebrating diversity are a perfect rythym, and Mr. Rich is the perfect person to lead this Unified Beatz!”

- Melissa Romaine,
  Associate Director of Student Support Services, Kearsarge Regional High School


“It is clear that your leadership provides an environment where youth hear important messages about themselves and the world. Also, that they value you and this group immensely. The audience really enjoyed the performance and some of them, including Deputy Commissioner Mary Heath, enjoyed getting up and playing too!”

- Suzanne Birdsall and Christine Durkee,
  21st Century Community Learning Center Coordinators, State of New Hampshire Department of Education


“Youth Beatz changed my son's life! I have been fortunate to experience the Youth Beatz Artist-In-Residence Program not only as a parent, but as a teacher as well, My son, who has Autism Spectrum Disorder, participated in the Youth Beatz program. He has a big aversion to sound and music, but Mr. Rich changed that. My son participated in the weekly lessons, as well as, the afterschool enrichment. Students demonstrated their new talents during a culminating performance.

For the first time, I witnessed my son's excitement to participate in such an experience and he thrived at it! To this day it remains a topic of conversation. When I told my son Mr Rich was coming to the school at which I teach, he instantly lit up and wanted to know all about it. His first words were, "Will Mr. Rich remember me and how good I did?"

The Youth Beatz program positively impacts students lives. Mr. Rich establishes an excellent rapport with students and helps all students feel confident and successful. I witnessed smiles on students that rarely show any affect. Students demonstrated a new side of their personalities not previously seen! Mr. Rich's kinesthetic and musical method of teaching about respect was inspriing. Every student was able to thrive, especially my son!”

- Christina Lamson, First Grade Teacher, Maple Avenue Elementary School, Goffstown, NH


“Thanks so much for inviting me to observe "Youth Beatz" in action! What a great experience for our kids! I was very impressed with the instructor, Mr. Rich, who exemplified great instructional practice, outstanding rapport with the kids, and a genuine passion for his art! I am interested in learning more about the program to pass along information to colleagues. I thought that his emphasis on respect and regard for others was outstanding, and his message well mingles with the excitement of active learning. Nice job of bringing Youth Beatz with Mr. Rich to KRMS! I am happy to promote his program in any way. Nice work!”

- Jerry Frew, Superintendent of Schools, SAU 65

“There really are not adequate words to express my appreciation to you for what you accomplished with my students. In addition to being an insanely talented drummer, you are an inspiration and a role model that every kid in our building related to.

The “buzz” around our building after people watched our performance yesterday has been amazing. The drumming performance was awesome - forced us all to do something outside of our comfort zones. But the drumming wasn’t even half of it. The message that you brought to students, particularly those who are at-risk, is so critical. Kids need to hear how much the decisions they make now do matter and do play a part in who they become. They need to understand that the tempo of their lives is something that they have control over. They need to learn that when they are in control, people want to be with them.

The drumming was a tool that gave them an actual visual of those concepts. Your rapport with the students was instantaneous. You expected and commanded respect by first giving it. You treated us all as if we were bona fide rock stars too. You challenged us to take risks in a controlled atmosphere that was so supportive that even the shyest in the group was able to put on a seamless show in front of 500! Our experience with your program enriched not only the kids’ lives, but mine as a professional educator. You have created something special, and I look forward to working with you for years to come!! Mr. Rich,... You rock!!

-Patty Bechok, MSW
Alternative Program, Kearsarge Regional Middle School

“Mr, Rich, thank you for coming to Maple Avenue Elementary School and providing a fun, energetic, and exciting program! We set out looking for a program that would help our students gain an understanding of what respect and kindness looks and feels like, and Youth Beatz did just that! Your passion for drumming was felt throughout the program and helped build excitement and interist for the students. However, it is was your modeling of respect and kindness that left the lasting impression on our students. I am very pleased with our Artist-In-Residence choice and I would encourage other schools to bring Youth Beatz into their community!”

- Suzanne Pyszka, Principal, Maple Avenue Elementary School, Goffstown, NH


“Thank you for your generous donation of time and talent to the fourth annual KAPER Conference this year. As you know, all of our seventh graders and their parents or guardians are invited to come off-site for a whole day to strengthen their relationships by having fun together as they listen to speakers and participate in engaging workshops. We have enjoyed being able to offer your Youth Beatz program to one group each year, but were thrilled to be able to expand the audience their year to include three sessions on intergenerational connection. One of the highlights of the day for me was peeking in and seeing grandpa Lloyd drumming with his grandchild! We could not have reached as many without your magnanimous offer.

We also appreciate the work you do in our after school program. We are currently hoping to incorporate your program into our anti-bullying initiative. Not only is your message a great one, but your ability to connect with students makes you a valuable asset in the fight against poor self-esteem and insecurity which exacerbates the issues that middle schoolers face.

On behalf of the NewFound Hope for Youth Task Force and our seventh graders and their parents, thank you for the difference you have made in their lives.”

- Marie Ross, Superintendent, Newfound Area School District


"Mr. Rich, you have displayed that you value our campers through the preparation that has been done. You were well prepared for each meeting time together. The music you provided and ease of conversation with the children set a smoothly operated progression of events. Your hard work in preparing clarity of directions and repetitive elements enables the group to move on daily and progress steadily. Your approach made it simple for new players to join in.

Your effort on a daily basis to bring excitement to the children motivated our diverse group of campers. On many occasions I observed you focusing on the strengths and struggles of individual children. You integrated them into the program in ways that pushed them to push themselves. On one occasion, an individual used an inappropriate term to describe another person. You solved the problem by asking them to apologize to the group and then you shared a personal story to help the child understand how the comment was hurtful. This was a negative behavior that was handled in a positive manner. In future sessions, this child worked hard to set a good example and proved to be an extraordinary team member.

Thank you again for all that you brought to our program!

- Jessica L. Blaisdell, S.T.R.E.A.M.S. Director, Tapply Thompson Community Center


“Each morning in anticipation of our sessions with Mr. Rich, the children would be bubbling over with enthusiasm for the start of our drumming sessions. I’d often hear the children using words or phrases with their campmates which Mr. Rich had used to encourage them.

The impact that Mr. Rich and Youth Beatz had on the children at our summer sessions was phenomenal. I know that the children have learned some very powerful life skills that they were able to take away with them this summer. I’d like to take credit for the best part of our program this summer, however, I believe credit has to be handed over to Mr. Rich and his upbeat message to the youth.

Mr. Rich is one of the very best things that could happen for our children of today and our future leaders of tomorrow.”

- Rhonda Keenan, Site Coordinator, Camp PROMISE of Newfound Area Schools Districts



“Our students had a blast and are still talking about it! Your energy and enthusiasm was amazing and created a fun atmosphere for the students to learn and grow in! Your ability to adapt the progam to meet our needs and timeframe was outstanding and greatly appreciated. Your message to the students regarding respect and kindness was exactly what we were looking for in an Artist-in-Residence program. I would definitely reccommend your program to any school no matter what age group they work with!”

- Jarrod Brooks, Physical Educator, Maple Avenue Elementary School, Goffstown, NH

The Youth Beatz Mission

  • Safe, Positive, Productive Enrichment

  • Inspire through Positive Mentoring

  • Build Self-Respect & Respect for Others

  • Build Self-Confidence, Self-Control and Teamwork Skills

  • Engage in Creative Expression

  • Participate in Rhythmic Aerobic Workouts

  • Improve Focus & Effort in Academics

  • Social Inclusion through Participation & Performance

  • Develop Positive Community Members

  • Burn Off Extra Energy

  • Have FUN!!!

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