The Youth Beatz Mission

  • Safe, Positive, Productive Enrichment

  • Inspire through Positive Mentoring

  • Build Self-Respect & Respect for Others

  • Build Self-Confidence, Self-Control and Teamwork Skills

  • Engage in Creative Expression

  • Participate in Rhythmic Aerobic Workouts

  • Improve Focus & Effort in Academics

  • Social Inclusion through Participation & Performance

  • Develop Positive Community Members

  • Burn Off Extra Energy

  • Have FUN!!!

Mr. Rich's Philosophy

“Rhythm and fitness have played a dynamic role in my life in helping me to achieve many personal and professional goals using the skills and foundation music provides.

It's my goal to share the attributes of music in an engaging and entertaining way to give today's youth a foundation to be positive community members and successful in life."

- Mr. Rich

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